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Welcome to Stern Health Group, a beacon of patient advocacy and healthcare transparency. At the helm is Everett Stern, a distinguished public figure renowned for his unyielding dedication to unveiling truth and fostering accountability. Stern’s legacy as the HSBC whistleblower laid bare his commitment to dismantling corruption and systemic injustice.

Our mission is inspired by Stern’s vision of a just world: We strive to lighten the load of medical debt that weighs heavily on countless individuals, while also providing a robust patient advocacy and concierge services to aid in the navigation of your healthcare journey.

Everett Stern is also the founder and Intelligence Director for Tactical Rabbit, a leading Private Intelligence Agency and Everett Stern Consulting, which offers education and consultations services.

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Stern’s groundbreaking work as a whistleblower against HSBC, where he courageously exposed significant money laundering activities, underscores our company’s foundational ethos. Guided by Stern’s tenacity and commitment to truth, our team endeavors to ensure that the healthcare system works for everyone, free from corruption, and financial exploitation.

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Tactical Rabbit’s team of mission focused experts have extensive experience in gathering information, clandestine intelligence operations, intelligence analysis and fact finding operations.

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