Patient Advocacy Services

Stern Health Group understands that ensuring patients attend their medical appointments is crucial for effective healthcare. Missed or delayed appointments can lead to deteriorated health conditions, increased costs, and inefficient use of healthcare resources. To address these issues, we offer the following patient advocacy services to both patients and healthcare providers:

Patient Liaison

We can liaise with insurance companies on behalf of healthcare providers, helping to streamline the claims process and reduce administrative burden.

Medical Debt Reduction

Stern Health Group understands that medical debt can be an overwhelming burden. We are committed to providing comprehensive services to help reduce medical debt and make healthcare expenses more manageable for our clients.

Appointment Scheduling

We help patients schedule their appointments in a timely manner, taking into account their personal schedule, the nature and urgency of their medical condition, and the availability of healthcare providers. This service is also beneficial for doctors and hospitals as it can help optimize their schedule and reduce instances of last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Appointment Reminders

We provide regular reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments, whether through phone calls, text messages, emails, or mobile app notifications. This service helps reduce the likelihood of forgotten appointments and allows patients ample time to reschedule if necessary, thereby reducing instances of no-shows.

Transportation Arrangements

Recognizing that transportation can be a significant barrier to healthcare access for many patients, we can assist in arranging reliable transportation to and from medical appointments. This could involve coordinating with transportation services, arranging for rideshares, or providing information on public transportation options.

Healthcare Navigation

By helping patients navigate the healthcare system, we make the process smoother for everyone involved. We can assist with things like coordinating appointments, transferring medical records, and facilitating communication between different care providers.

Overseas Medical Emergency Transport

In partnership with Tactical Rabbit, the Stern Health Group offers emergency medical transport services to injured and sick Americans overseas to get them home safely.

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